Why We’re Out Of Growlers

We know you love taking beer home from the freshest source possible and we believe that our direct draw system is perfect for the job and gives you so many different breweries to choose from using just one growler in one location.  A lot of you already have our Foggs Growlers and a lot more of you want to get your hands on one but we have hit a juncture and we are at a loss (for now) what to do.  However you know we are on it and with dogged determination we won’t stop until we have found the right solution that is affordable and maintains the integrity of the delicious nectar we pour!!

Below are some of the most common questions and answers to help you through this troubling time.  Also some information on our Foster A Growler program and most importantly, How to Care for your Growler!!

Why Are You Out Of Growlers?

While we knew the last remaining supplies of our 64 oz glass Growlers would sell out, we did not reorder because we want to have a look around the market and decide which is the best (and most affordable) growler to suit all our needs.  At this time while we continue to test and evaluate the current options on the market we will not have any new Growlers for sale.

Of course, anyone who already has one of our Fogg’s Growlers can continue to refill any time (excluding select Special Events) with any beers marked ** on our Draft Beer List.

How Much Is A Growler Refill?

For the time being, our Growlers will continue to be priced generously at 3 times the pint price minus $3 for a 64 oz fill (4 pints).

For Example:

Red Trolley $4.95 a pint.
Multiplied by 3 =  $14.85
Minus an additional Fogg’s Growler Program Discount of $3 = $11.85 (four 16 oz pours)

Saving you a grand total of $7.95 on 4 pints!!

Do You Fill Growlers From Other Breweries/Bars?

No!  We offer significant discounts and convenience by filling growlers for our loyal customers who have supported our Fogg’s Growler Program.

Why Are Some Beers Not Available For Growler Refills?

Most of our 20 taps are readily available for refills.  However some beers are made unavailable to the Fogg’s Growler Program due to pricing or availability restrictions.  If a beer is priced too high or has restrictions on its availability to us, then we have to restrict sales to “dine in” only so that more of the Fogg Nation can get to enjoy that particular drinking experience.

Do You Ever Have Any Promotions On Growler Refills?

Yes!  Frequently we’ll post ridiculous promos on Twitter.  These promotions are not available to anyone else but our Twitter followers.  You can follow us on Twitter here.

What should I Do If I No Longer Want My Growler?

If you no longer have a use for your Growler, please bring it in to Foggs and we’ll trade you for a draft beer of your choice (basically what we charged you for it).  We will then find your Growler a new Foster Family who will love and cherish it just as you did in the beginning.  Once a year you may even receive a photograph of your Growler with its new family so that you can see how it’s doing and that it hasn’t ended up in some garden shed or landfill.  Please note that once a Growler has been placed with a Foster Family you will no longer have use or visitation rights.

How Do I Care For My Growler?

Since we’re putting the freshest beer straight from the tap into your Growler it is extremely important that you take proper care of it.  BE WARNED: If you bring us a dirty Growler, we will refuse to fill it!!  We will rinse it but if we detect any odor or any visible staining we’ll hand it back to you unfilled, ring loud bells and denounce you as UNCLEAN!!

Here are some basic tips on use and cleaning of your Growler.

Light and Beer are arch enemies so even though your Fogg’s Growler is made from Brown glass you should keep it out of the light so don’t sit it on the back seat while driving around town.  Even a short period of exposure to light can have a dramatic effect on the taste of your beer.  A cooler is preferable but if not, securely store it in your trunk.  This will also eliminate any “open container” issues driving home if you happened to be pulled over by an over zealous Sheriff.

Once home you should immediately place your Growler in the fridge or leave it in the cooler until needed.   If that is not possible, a dark cool place such as a pantry or closet will suffice for a short period of time.  A properly filled and sealed Growler can last a surprisingly long time when refrigerated.  However, once the Growler has been opened, the clock is ticking.  It’s only 4 pints so I hardly see you trying to “hold” it for long but to be clear, I recommend finishing the Growler within 12 to 24 hours of opening to prevent the beer from passing its prime and going flat.

Note: If for some reason you didn’t finish the 4 pints, all is not lost.  Even when flat, there is nothing wrong with the beer so don’t throw it out (paramount to Alcohol Abuse).  Flat beer can make a great marinade for meats or an addition to stews and chili’s etc.

However let’s assume, you’ve lashed down the 4 pints in record time and now have an empty Growler.  Immediately rinse it out thoroughly with warm water.  When it has just been emptied is the easiest time to effectively clean your Growler so don’t wait till morning.  Simply rinse with warm water – do not use soaps or detergents, basic H2O will do the trick.  Soaps and detergents can leave an unseen residue on the inside of the glass which will negatively impact the beer the next time it is filled.  Don’t forget to rinse the cap off too!  Store upside down with the cap off until you need it next.

Always smell and visually inspect your Growler and cap before bringing it to the bar to be filled.  If you detect an odor or spot some staining on the inside, you can always wash it out with a weak bleach water solution and rinse thoroughly.  If you have really screwed up and neglected your Growler like a red headed step child, the next time you are in, leave it with us for a couple of days and we’ll get it cleaned up as good as new for you.  We won’t charge you for this service but understand, there will be a black mark on your soul for eternity.