Raise your Glass for Boston

As a small gesture but a massive symbol of our support to the people of Boston, we will be bringing in a special keg of Samuel Adams Boston Lager today which will go on sale from 11 am.

All proceeds from the sale of this keg will be donated to victims of yesterday’s horrific tragedy that occurred at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

San Diegans and Members of the San Diego Craft Beer Community are invited to come in during the course of the day and raise a glass in tribute to the fallen, injured and all who have been affected by this heinous and cowardly act.

The price for a pint of Boston Lager will be $6 and 100% of the proceeds will be donated.  We will also take any additional donations that anyone would like to contribute to the cause.

Along with the final amount collected we will include the name of every donor in a letter of support that we will send to the City of Boston on Wednesday.

Please show your support to the people of Boston in their moment of need and let’s show them that San Diego cares.

Boston Twitter accounts:

It is important that the people of Boston know that they are not alone and that while people all across America may not directly feel the pain and suffering of this horrific tragedy, we want them to know that they are in out thoughts and we are behind them 100%

It is equally important to whoever carried out this heinous and cowardly act, that they know, they have achieved nothing.  They have achieved but to unite the people of this great nation in a simple but determined goal… to eradicate our country, and the world of their sick and evil acts.