We’ve teamed up with Uber


We’ve teamed up with our friends at Uber so that you can not only have a safe and reliable ride home any time you want but we’ll even pick up the tab for your first ride with Uber.

It’s so simple

Download the FREE ap at Uber or your usual mobile ap store
Take a few seconds to set up your new Uber account
Then when you book your first ride be sure to use the code FOGGS and you’ll receive a free ride credit of up to $30

Why use Uber

I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of taxi drivers not showing up, showing up late, taking longer routes to keep the meter running, showing up in dirty or unsafe vehicles, over charging… the list of how bad taxi company’s have treated us over the last 20+ years is endless but now they have some serious competition.

Advantages of using Uber

Easy to use ap – Simply tap the ap and your driver will know exactly where you are and will start heading your way
You’ll never be told – “we don’t pick up in that area”
Reliable, friendly and safe drivers that ALWAYS show up – you can even track them as they head your way
Cashless and transparent transactions – fare, tax AND tip are all paid up front so you’ll never get any surprise fees
Consistently cheaper than taxi fares – as much as 50% lower
Upgrade any time to Sedan, SUV or Luxury cars all at the touch of a button
Available in almost all US cities and many other major cities around the world

Seriously, if you haven’t tried them yet, the Holiday Season is the perfect time to get on board and remember to use your code FOGGS to receive your free ride credit of $30

Happy Travels and Drink Responsibly