Welcome to the first installment of the Blogg in the Fogg.

In this Blogg, side effects I’ll keep you up to date with changes, vcialis 40mg events and specials not only in the Fogg, page but in the craft beer world of San Diego and beyond.

It seems only fitting that we start with what’s been going on in the Fogg for the last 4 years. Yes, Feb 12th 2012 was our 4th year anniversary and there have been a lot of changes, some mighty and some not so. For those of you who have been with us from the beginning, I often wonder what changes I’ve made, that you have enjoyed (or disliked) the most.

Who remembers those infamous, backless bar stools we opened with? The curtains on the windows before the “blackout”? Linens and fresh flowers on the tables? The Pioneer Beer Club with 50 very easy drinking beers, the day I tried to drink them all. The new and improved Premier Beer Club which invites you to drink 80 beers in 80 days. Plus many great events such as, the first St. George’s Day celebration in San Diego, Del Mar Opening Day Bus Trip, Spectacle with a Testicle, The Green Mile, The World Cup. Yes we have been through a lot together.

One thing however, that has stayed constant, our love of beer!! Back then in the bright and shiny surroundings we had just 8 taps and about 60 bottles. Just 8 months had passed and the need for more beer was clear for all to see. Hastily I added another 4 handles which made 12 total and we began to find our way to the “craft side”

Though it was glaringly obvious even then, that even with the additional taps, 12 handles were still not enough to satisfy the thirsty souls of Sabre Springs, it took another 12 months for me to finally justify adding even more. And so it came to pass, after about 20 months it was time for some drastic changes. The old long draw system (which at 28 feet wasn’t really that long compared to some bars that run over 100 feet) was pulled out and sent off to the beer junk yard. A state of the art 500 cubic feet kegerator was custom built and installed exclusively for kegs. A new direct draw system went into motion boasting a mighty 20 taps – yes, at the time we could easily have added more taps and people in the know even demonstrated that fact but I had my reasons, plus, I like nice round numbers.

However, one question still remains on everyone’s lips: Is another extension imminent, will more handles be added to the array already in front of us? No, I think not. One of the little gems of wisdom I have picked up along the way in this industry is, “sometimes less, is more” and I’ll tell you why. The next time you’re in one of those bars with taps too many to count, just pay attention for a little while and see how many of the taps are actually moving and how many might contain beers, not quite as fresh as they should be.

The typical obstacle course for the cooks when they need to go into “my” walk in

20 tap handles on a direct draw system, rotating through as many locally crafted micro brews as we can get our hands on is, my friends, my happy limit. But let’s not forget well over 200 equally well crafted micros, imports and hard to come by bottled selection.

So if not more taps, what does the future hold?

There is plenty in store for the Fogg Army which I will no doubt address through this blogg in the coming weeks such as St. George’s Day and FOGG-A-PALOOZA 2 The Celebration Continues… But for now, the biggest endeavor on my desk at the moment is to actually move my desk – my entire office in fact. The reason behind this is to make room for the extension of our walk in cooler. The plan is to more than double its capacity so that we can “hold” even more great beers in temperature controlled conditions, thus keeping the beers we bring in for you at its ultimate best while it waits its turn to hit our taps. You won’t necessarily see this change on your side of the bar but you can rest assured that you will indirectly feel the massive benefits as it will make our job of receiving, handling, storing and ultimately serving awesomely fresh beer to you, a hell-of-a-lot easier.

Get Fogged Up!!